Our story


Hill View Hotel came into existence in 1997 after the founder and local entrepreneur Mr. Joseph Asamoah decided to expand his hotel chain towards the hills. This preceded to the name Hill View Hotel. In April 2001, the hotel announced its opening ceremony for public viewing.For 18 years the hotel has been providing both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) services to our valued clients and loyal customers.

In the year 2015 Mr. Joseph Asamoah and his family decided uplift the standard of the hotel resulting in a close down for renovation and upgrade. This idea was engineered as a strategic approach to provide better quality and stay abreast with local and economic changes within the industry. With that being said, the management team and directors decided to switch the concept of hotel into a boutique style. This restructuring and change in style means the hotel will officially be opened for business March 2016.

Vision Statement:

To become the leading boutique hotel in Ghana

Mission Statement:

We pledge to honor our customers and clients with a personalized and authentic experience

-In addition our business pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service for our guest.-

Core Values


Our word is our word. We make sure we provide 1st class service to our guest upon request.


Respect to our employees, employers and most importantly to our guests.


Integration among roles of our staff. We have versatile staffs to help with various departments when needed.


We are loyal to our guests and they are loyal to us. We have had loyal customers over the years and we have been able to have high retention to our customers.

-Joel Asamoah

What is a boutique-hotel?

Boutique-Hotels are designed to satisfy customers passionate about design, quality and comfort.
Contrary to what the name implies, a boutique-hotel is not a hotel where one can buy things. We often speak of the feeling when we want to describe boutique-hotels, but the concept is defined mainly by:

  • Personalized service – an important factor in differentiation; anticipation of needs; clients are treated as guests.
  • Architecture and design – unique architecture, luxurious, stylish and simple design with an attention to detail and decor that offers an intimate atmosphere;
    Boutique-hotel concept

The concept of a boutique hotel was emerged in New York in 1980. Emerging during the 1980s in New York City, the boutique-hotel niche market experienced a boom in the 1990s. This type of hotel fills the gap in the market left by the standardization of establishments by large hotel chains. In contrast to these, each boutique establishment develops a unique style based on a concept and a personality of its own. Both Hill View Hotel establishment bears a distinctive signature, that is to say, each has a different touch and feel in each room in terms of the look and the architecture.

The Hotel

Discover, Boutique style hotel on the hills with a touch of African heritage and style

Ghana’s stunning scenery inspired the idea to situate a Hotel on the hills overlooking the beautiful bright lights of Accra.

Joseph Asamoah inspired the architectural design of Hill View Hotel, wanting to ensure its hilltop position was fully utilized. Each aspect of the design was carefully planned to ensure a unique, gratifying, and memorable guest experience.

Hill View Hotel is recognized for many elegant features, such as its beautiful chandeliers which spread dazzling light into the hallways and its noticeably spacious rooms. This sophisticated atmosphere made more impactful through the high-end services Hill View Hotel staff provide.


  • 18 guest suites with high designed security system put in place with a breathtaking view of Accra
  • Intimate Dinning room
  • Boutique Style room with a touch of an African feel
  • Pool
  • Exceptional staff members
  • Gym
  • Tourist Attraction(Package)